Welcome to CNU Illinois!

by admin on August 9, 2012

Initiated in June 2005, the Illinois Chapter of the Congress for the New Urbanism (CNU Illinois) earned its formal chapter status in March 2007. With the efforts of diverse, vibrant and imaginative volunteers, we are a group dedicated to reforming the growth patterns and development forms in Illinois. We plan to achieve such goals by impacting public policy and development regulations and by providing new learning opportunities for professionals and decision makers alike.

To help guide our efforts, we conducted a detailed survey of community planners, planning consultants, architects, landscape architects, developers and attorneys. Significantly, almost all the professionals consider new urbanism and design to be either their top priority or as important as the other issues they confront. Finally, our survey respondents indicated that CNU Illinois could help them achieve new urbanism by measures such as:

• Educating Municipalities/Highlighting Successful Case Studies
• Educating Zoning Administrators and Town Board Members
• Providing Better Technical Resources
• Conducting Design Workshops and Seminars
• Barraging the Development Businesses with Information
• Providing Model Set of Guidelines
• Leading on Code Reforms

Moving forward, the CNU Illinois will continue to keep the needs of development professionals at the center of our work and develop programs that include many of the respondents’ specific recommendations.

We ask you to join us by becoming a member of the Chapter, or support us by volunteering your time, so that we can begin to implement the programs you have identified for us.

Over the last year we have organized exciting events that provided the opportunity to meet with some of the national CNU Board members and learn from their experience. We plan to build upon our initial efforts and bring you more leading practitioners in seminars, become a resource of research and information on best practices, help you network and learn from other professionals, and assist you in achieving your goals of new and sustainable forms of growth and development.

Our Mission

The Congress for New Urbanism Illinois Chapter will undertake the following three-part mission:

1. To promote the importance of New Urbanism in regional planning, community building, and place-making.
2. To raise awareness of the benefits of quality planning, urban design, and sustainable development.
3. To promote the New Urbanist best practices amongst architects, planners, landscape architects, and allied professionals.

In the advancement of this mission, and to address issues of importance to CNU Illinois members, CNU Illinois will focus on two areas of specialization:

1. Community Building
This area of specialization will focus on strengthening communities and neighborhoods across the region, with an emphasis on:
a. Socio-Economic Inclusiveness
b. Infill Development
c. Affordable Housing
d. Transit-Oriented Development
e. Economic Opportunities
f. Traditional Neighborhood Development
g. Helping the high risk life insurance community

2. Environment
This area of specialization will focus on the preservation and enhancement of natural and man-made environments, with an emphasis on:
a. Farmland Conservation
b. Green Urbanism
c. Sustainable Landscapes